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Rhino Valve Boxes
& Miscellaneous
Cast Iron Parts

Proven and
Tested Quality

The FB-6 will drop into a
6”pipe or will accept 4”
pipe inside. The FB-4/6/8 Valve Box
and Lid- A two Piece design allows you to set in
concrete or asphalt. The box will accommodate a
4” plastic pipe inside or a 6” to 8” pipe on the outside.
Box and lid sold separately.

Cast Iron Valve Box Riser, the Cast Iron Square Sewer Valve Box,
and the Cast Iron Octagonal Reclaim Valve Box - Fit most existing
valve boxes or will fit over standard 6” water pipe for new constr-
uction. The protruding side flanges help the valve box lock into
concrete or asphalt. The riser comes in five sizes.

The Square Top Valve Box and Lid - The square top fits inside a
6” pipe cut to length to form an adjustable box. An 8” pipe fits outside for the same use. The square top comes with a choice
of two lids either with a raised or recessed “W”, box and lids sold separately.

Adjustable Screw-Top Valve Boxes - Adjustable screw-tops come
in two sizes and are made completely of cast iron. Adjusting the grade is a simple matter of turning the top portion clock-wise or counter-clock-wise to add height or shorten the box. A lid comes standard and is sold as complete units only.

Expansion Rings - Cast Iron rings that allow a smaller diameter
lid to be used on a large diameter meter box.

Line Markers - Avoid the problems of finding an underground sewer
line, water line, electrical line or gas line by using a line marker.
Cast iron line markers can be driven into the ground even below grade level and then easily found with a metal detector.