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1. Terms: Net 15 days upon credit
approval by Southeastern Distributors, Inc.
All bills— should be paid within payment terms.
First time orders are COD or prepaid until credit is established.
Any bills paid late will be subject to a late payment charge of 1.5% per month or part thereof.

2. Orders will be shipped and billed in accordance with prices in effect at the time of shipment.

3. Southeastern Distributors, Inc. will not be liable for any damages resulting from any delays in deliveries caused by circumstances beyond our control, in whole or in part.

4. No claims for labor, cartage or damages of any kind alleged to have resulted from defective material will be allowed.

5. All applicable taxes are payable by the customer.

6. Any shortage, breakages or discrepancies must be reported within three working days from the receipt of material. Any adjustments to Southeastern Distributors, Inc. invoice will be made only upon written approval from Southeastern Distributors, Inc.