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MB-18 Rhino
Water Meter

Proven and
Tested Quality

Replaces Dual-H
This is our dual set
meter box allowing two
meters to be set in the same
box with only one inbound supply line. This new box is
also made of polyethylene with dimensions of 17” x 15”
x 12” and tapers to 211/2” x 201/2” x 12”. This unique
box has a pyramid design flowing out to 24” square at
the bottom.

The choice of one, two or possibly three sets of mouse holes is available. The shape allows for nesting while shipping which
reduces freight expense. The anti-settling ring enhances its
strength and capabilities. A variety of lids are available for this product.

Another lid option is the MB-18 dual remote.
This lid can also be used with either a
Neptune RS9000 or a touch pad reader system.

Like the design of our box but you are using it for “Reclaim”? We produce all of our boxes and lids with the correct ASTM color standard for “Reclaim”.

MB-18 Lid Options